How it all started ...

We have been surrounded by dogs since we were born, and we have grown up with them literally and figuratively. Anita's parents already had a dalmatian when she was born and dalmatians have never disappeared from her life. She went to shows at a young age and started working together with Freek Nierop in the 70s. He has the kennel name "the Three Turnips" and has been breeding since 1966 under this name Dalmatians and Weimaraners. Later the Basset Artésien Normand variety was added.
In the 80s Anita was married to Rinus de Raaf, unfortunately he died but thanks to him we borrow our kennel name. The Latin name for raven is corvus corax. Because Anita really wanted to have dachshunds next to her Dalmatians, she founded the kennel name "van Corvus Corax" in 1981. She has bred a number of litters with the dachshund Trees (Trés chic de Attacant), Jantje, Toos and Teuntje. After this the kennel name disappeared in the fridge for a while.
At Sandra's home there were from a young age a dog, cats, pigeons, chickens, fish, guinea pigs, rabbits and the rest who were looking for a warm home. She has always had horses and bred a foal with a number of mares. Dogs have always been part of her life.  In 2012 we were looking for a Dalmatian and so we ended up with Anita and Freek. It clicked very well and we became friends. In the meantime, Muts (Magic rainbow Mata Hari) had entered and we fell in love with her and the breed. From the first litter of Muts we have kept Poes (Crème Anglaise The One and Only). In 2013, Anita and I decided to give the kennel "van Corvus Corax" a new boost. Now Sandra can also breed with that kennelname. Tom, Sandra's husband, applied for his own kennel name in 2017, "van de Duijnrug" and it has also been approved. We will do the best we can to breed healthy, sweet, beautiful and social puppies.